We are your project-based partner, serving as your virtual information and training development department. 


Our proactive, structured approach keeps projects on track with regular status reports and project meetings to identify any risks that may cause a deadline to slip by.


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TCCI's ​Structured Approach

Our structured approach allows us to complete projects the first time around. We achieve this success by using experienced project managers who direct your staff and ours from initiation to successful completion of every project. Here's how we work:


1. We start by developing a topic outline. 
This outline, developed from your input and our experience, establishes the parameters for the remainder of the project and represents a 15% submittal. You'll have an opportunity to review the topic outline and suggest changes with a focus on audience, purpose, approach, organization, and structure. Then, we meet with you to discuss your suggested revisions.


2. Next, we create a detailed outline and sample section for your review. 
The detailed outline is an expanded version of the topic outline and includes all information to be contained in the final document. The sample section establishes the style, tone, and "look" of the final document. These two items constitute a 35% submittal. You then have an opportunity to review the submission and suggest additions, corrections, and deletions with a focus on content, depth of treatment, and technical accuracy. Sample section review should focus on style, tone, and page design. Then, we meet to finalize revisions to the detailed outline and document design.


3. Then, it's on to developing the first text draft. 
This rough draft is written from the detailed outline and sample section. It is a complete document and constitutes a 75% submittal. You have one opportunity to review the first text draft, with a focus on content, technical accuracy, and placement of tables and graphics. Any changes to the structure, depth of treatment, style, and tone should be extremely minimal at this point. Significant changes to these features may necessitate a revision of the fee and schedule.


4. Aware of your approaching deadline, we begin completion of the final text draft. 
After incorporating your suggested revisions, we provide you with a final draft for your approval. You'll have one opportunity to review the final draft with a focus on minor points of content, technical accuracy, and cosmetics. Any changes to the document at this point should be extremely minor. Significant changes to these features may necessitate revision of the fee and schedule.


5. Last, but very important, we deliver the final product on time! 
The final approved document is produced in the agreed-upon form and promptly delivered to you. This constitutes completion of the contract, and just one more step in what we hope will be a lasting relationship.